Hide for wildlife photography of raptors

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Project Description

This photography hide is one of the most successful and busy ones in Bulgaria for taking photos of birds of prey. It fits comfortably four people to shoot at the same time from four viewing holes. There is another hide next to it, which can fit three more photographers.

The price is 200 BGN + 50 BGN per day per person. There are a portable toilet and two bunk beds. The hide relatively comfortably allows for sleeping of two people in it during all seasons. During winter a gas heater can be used to keep the hide warm.

The hide is entered obligatory early in the morning (before dawn) and have to leave it after sunset. In summer, it is possible to leave the hide earlier. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the hide from the town of Madzharovo via an off-road vehicle (included in the price).

The hide orientation is to the North and is between 27 and 41 meters distance from where the birds typically land. The best lens focal length to use is 300-800 mm with the closest background being at least a kilometre away. The species that can be photographed are: Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Black Kite, Raven, Fox, Jackal, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle.

Chance of success, according to the season (with two shooting days):

Warm months (April-October)

Species Probability of success
Egyptian vulture >90%
Griffon Vulture >90%
Black Kite >90%
Raven >90%
Fox 50%
Black Vulture 30%
Wolf 20%
Jackal 20%
Golden Eagle 20%
White-tailed eagle 10%


Cold months (November to March)

Species Probability of success
Species Probability of success
Golden Eagle >90%
Raven >90%
Griffon Vulture 80%
Fox 80%
Wolf 30%
Jackal 30%
White-tailed eagle 30%
Black Vulture 20%