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We suggest you join the magic of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Price for a guide for all day: 100 BGN. Price for a half day: 50 BGN.

Visit the Historical Museum “Christo Cholakov” – village of Borislavtsi. The museum has one of the richest ethnographic collections of the Eastern Rhodopes. You can expect many wonderful lectures, many photos about the history of Madzharovo and rich mineral collections. The museum is private, open year round, no entrance fee, but any donation is welcomed to support the collection.

Visit the tahandzhiynitsa in the village of Borislavtsi. We can taste tahini and honey while listening to fascinating stories of Uncle Christo and see the process of making of tahini. The tahandzhiynitsa is opened year round, no entrance fee, but there is an opportunity to buy from the shop true tahini and honey.

Visit the workshop for processing of rare minerals. The visit is possible from November to March. In the workshop, we will see the whole process of treatment of rare minerals. The entrance is free, there is a possibility rare minerals that we found in the area, to be cut for a small price. Here you can buy gorgeous processed mineral samples from the Eastern Rhodopes and beautiful jewellery made of semiprecious stones, made by local craftsmen.

MAKE YOUR PROGRAM YOURSELF, visit the tahandzhiynitsa and the museum in Borislavtsi and you can combine all our other services.

Preparation of chevre. Price 270lv. This is quite straightforward! The lamb is cooked traditionally on a stake on the fire, on a meadow, with near the river Arda. The price includes drab sarma (rice with the entrails of the lamb). A cooked lamb is suitable for approximately up to 16 people. You can expect campfire and songs.